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When it comes to naturally enhancing your soil, whether pastures, crop fields, small gardens, flower beds, or golf courses, United Granulation Services' (UGS) organic fertilizer will help you promote healthy soil and plant growth. We use by-product waste from our layer farms and a unique granulation and drying process to make our organic fertilizer. 


  • OMRI listed organic products

  • Products granulated and screened to specifications

  • Enhanced organic "Bridge Products"

United Granulation offers a varied selection of packaging that best suits your needs. Our packaging options include 25 lb, 40 lb and 50 lb sewable paper or heat sealed plastic as well as 500 lb and 2000 lb super-sack packaging. All bag options are palletized and stretch wrapped for convenient and efficient finished product handling.

Contact us today to find the perfect UGS product for you!

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