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The UGS Story

We began developing organic fertilizer from composted layer manure to supply the growing market for organic fertilizer in 1991. Since then, we have modified the manufacturing process to increase efficiencies and improve product quality that has earned United Granulation Services the reputation as one of the nations’ premier organic fertilizer manufacturers for golf courses, sports complexes, retail, nurseries and agricultural applications. 

Our Mission

Our mission is to support farmers and specialty growers in their effort to produce the highest quality crops and plants with minimal negative impact on the environment by designing and manufacturing the most agronomically advanced organic fertilizers available in the United States and advancing the knowledge base and science of converting agricultural byproducts into usable plant foods. We achieve this mission by focusing our efforts on byproduct waste from Rose Acre Farms’ egg-laying operations and educating distributors and end-users of the positive effects of organic fertilizer use.

Our Locations

UGS operates two granulation plants — one in Seymour, Indiana and the other in Canon, Georgia. With plants strategically close to Rose Acre Farms layer farms, United Granulation can service customers throughout the Southeast and Midwest United States.

UGS — Indiana

UGS — Georgia

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A Rose Acre Farms Company

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